Coal and coal seam gas expansion in NSW

The coal mining and coal seam gas (CSG) industries in NSW are expanding at an unprecedented rate, threatening public health, clean air and water, productive farmlands and native wildlife.

Communities in the Hunter are facing health impacts from coal dust, iconic natural areas like the Gardens of Stone and Leard State Forest are threatened by open cut coal mines, and communities in Western Sydney and Gloucester face risks of water contamination from large coal seam gas fields.

Exploration licences for coal and CSG already cover 25% of NSW and there are applications submitted for licences that cover 80% of the state.

The coal industry is pushing for a massive expansion of open-cut and underground coal mines in the Hunter, Newcastle, Gunnedah and Illawarra regions. The CSG industry in NSW is still in its infancy, but industry plans for rapid, large-scale expansion pose a serious threat to our water, farmland and natural areas.

This map allows you to see where the existing mines and gas fields are located and walks you through the location and stage of the proposed coal and gas developments.

Once you have a sense of the expansion across the eastern part of NSW, you can click on each location to learn about how you can get involved, including links to environmental assessment documents, contact details for local community groups and contact details for the local MP.

If you are concerned about this unprecedented expansion of coal mining and gas development, take action right now by emailing the O’Farrell Government to call for protection for our land, water and communities!

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